About us

About us

Our company

Rotana Travel & Tours is a part of Al Nazawy Group (Medina) This Consists of companies working in the fields of Hotel Management. Travel services & Production House. It Was born with a simple dream of an inspirational and incomparable charisma which had a passion for a deluxe personalized world of travel. Founded in 2D16 and based in Karachi Pakistan. Rotana is a one stop travel house. Rotana Travel & Tours is not just a name but it's a commitment. We have highly experienced operational and Management staff with a combined travel industry experience of more than 10 years.

Our Mission

Making Sky the best place Earth" Our Mission is to provide the mast convenient and Economical Travel & Tours Facilities. Our Mission Is our promise to provide you a sweet and special memorable Personalized experience of travel. We offer you a life time Story to tell your grandchildren about. With us, there is no "Off Shelves" " Your wishes are our missions”

Our Vision

Our duty is to provide our clients with every minor detail to satisfy their needs. expectations and dreams of an absolute pleasure savoring the sense of the true hospitality and professionalism. We believe "Services Makes the Difference" The vision of Rotana Travel & Tour" is to become the top rated service provider in the travel industry in Pakistan within few years.